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About Fishing Bivvies

Can't I just use

A Tent ?

Bivvies or Bivvy have been especially designed for Carp & Cat Fishing in mind.

Day Shelters are also very popular as they are only around half the size of a Bivvy and are mainly used for quick day sessions to shelter yourself from any harsh weather or direct sunlight.

Most Bivvies are in a Country Side Green colour to merge in with your surroundings on the lake side.

The plus side of Bivvys over tents is the material, which in some cases is six times more thicker which really protects you against strong wind/rain plus gives you extra heat.

A quality Bivvy will also have many bars running over from one side to another which are fixed in side the seems so you don’t have to thread those tricky poles through.

This is called a

Pram-hood design

These bars you simply pull apart to collapse the Bivvy and pack away. There is a tough elastic cord running through the middle of each bar to hold them in place.

Some Bivvies have a ”sewn in” ground sheet. However if sewn in they can tend to be a little thin and the ground will be cold on your feet in the mornings. Many Bivvies won’t have a sewn in ground sheet but should be made of a thick rubber material which are more popular. Note: our bivvies with sewn in ground sheets are supplied with an additional thick rubberised ground sheet at no extra cost.

All Bivvies we sell on this site are more commonly known as ”Pram Design” Bivvies. These consist of 12-18mm sold poles running over the Bivvy from side to side. There are no guide ropes as the Bivvy is held in place by steel pegs all round the base of the Bivvy. Doesn’t sound like their sturdy but this method in fact gives much more support and strength of a standard Bivvy/Tent with guide ropes.

The main support bars stay in the Bivvy seams and you simply push them together to erect the Bivvy and pull apart again when your dismantling.

We would say the average time to erect each of our Bivvies is 10-15 minutes. If your fishing with a friend, get both of you to help each other out erecting any bivvy as then it seems so much quicker to erect!


Choosing the right

Bivvy for you

 On each Bivvy description on our web site you’ll see the exact measurements. Some top companies shy away from this as generally there is no definite size that defines a one, two or three man size bivvy.

Our Dome 2 manner and Double Door 2 Bivvy we have listed as 2.5 man as these are bigger than many others on the UK market. Our continental Isn’t much larger in ground dimensions than some of the others however it really has the height so we call it a 3 man size as you can fit three bed chairs in.

What is

Hydrostatic Head ?

To measure the thickness of material of a tent or bivvy is called Hydrostatic head.

How this works is the material has to withstand pressure of water from a device maybe a column of water before leaking. This is measured in 1000mm (1 meter). The average tent would be around 3000H for example. 2000H+ would generally be enough to withstand light rainfall.

Many Bivvies as standard are 5000 Hydrostatic head where as most of ours are a massive 10’000 or 20’000 with the 2nd skin on.

 You know no matter how bad the weather is our Bivvies will protect you against the heaviest down poor!



In the UK, bivvy & shelters have become very popular among coarse, carp and cat fisherman, who in pursuit of their fish throughout there fishing session!

All of our Bivvies have been especially designed with many different features compared to others on the UK market.

We sell our Bivvies direct from the factory so there is no ”Middle Man” to take there cut which in turn gives you the customer a great saving. In some case’s you can save hundreds of pounds on a single item.

We have a selection of 1 man Bivvies, 2 man Bivvies and now 3 man Bivvies. Many companies will advertise two man Bivvies when in fact looking at the measurements there only a large one man size whereas our Bivvies are proper sized two, three and four manners.

Now with well over 8000 bivvies sold directly to the public to date at great internet prices why go elsewhere? Spyder/Phenom Bivvies.

The name in Quality Bivvies!


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